My writing process part 2 | On overcoming writer’s block

As anyone who has participated in National Novel Writing Month knows, starting a novel is great. It’s easy. You have ideas. There are no roadblocks or issues with your characters, your plotting or your continuity. But a few pages in or maybe thirty or more and it hits. You’re stuck. You’re overcome with writer’s block. There are a few things you can do to keep on writing and get past the roadblock:

1. Skip over the trouble spot and move to another, less difficult passage.
2. Add a new character to stir things up.
3. Kill off a character to stir things up.
4. If you can’t kill a character, put your main character in danger and see what happens. Jeopardizing a treasured character is a great way to shake up your writing.
5. Power through the rough spot.
6. Change perspectives: split your group into two and send them separate ways or simply take a different perspective on the situation, from the vantage point of another character or another locale.
7. The Nike treatment: just do it. Seriously, sometimes you just have to muscle through it. Remember you’re not writing a final version – it’s a first draft. So this part will need a lot of help later; that’s OK.

My NaNo Ninja

My NaNo Ninja

One of the things I do in novel writing to avoid writer’s block is to stop writing at a point where I have a good idea of what happens next. That way, when I come back to my writing, I can start right in.

There you are, a few good ideas that actually work to overcome writer’s block. Let me know which ones work for you or what other tricks you use.


About Diann Writes

Diann L. Tongco enjoys sketching, crafts and photography as well as writing poetry and novels. To stay out of trouble, she writes, shows curly-coated retrievers, grows fragrant roses, drinks good of wine with friends, and spends time with her grandchildren. She lives on Washington's Puget Sound with her boyfriend Nick and their dog Ozzy.
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