Five Star Rating on Amazon!! (And a diatribe on encouraging creativity)

“my first time reading this author. great book. highly recommend it. wonderful descriptions, suspense. great as a gift, too. enjoy!”

Thank you, Judy, thank you!

Honestly, there are few things that can make me as happy as hearing that someone likes my writing so reviews like this one definitely bring a smile to my face.

If you’re like me, finally taking steps toward a true career in writing or even just fulfilling the dream of being more creative with words, you probably grew up with teachers telling you that you weren’t doing it correctly, couldn’t write, weren’t following the rules, or other such nonsense. It took me far too many years to overcome that negativity and realize there is no one right way to write a poem, novel, essay, song or story. My way is just as good for me as anyone else’s is for them. And it stifles – and often kills – creativity in youngsters to layer too many rules on their writing (or any other creative form, for that matter.)

Angora Cat

If you are a parent, teacher, grandparent or someone who is in a position to encourage creativity in youngsters (or anyone else) please remember that it takes courage and trust to allow others to read/view/comment on your work. Be kind. Be encouraging. I may not love the works of Morris Hirshfield, but I can appreciate that I am not the only arbiter of taste. Others clearly think the man has talent (MOMA, where his ‘Angora Cat’ is on display, for example) so I will say it’s not for me and leave it at that. However, a child needs to be nurtured and praised in their creativity. They may never publish a poem, they may never write a novella, but those lessons about how to tap into their creative juices and bring forth something wonderful will stay with them always.


About Diann Writes

Diann L. Tongco enjoys sketching, crafts and photography as well as writing poetry and novels. To stay out of trouble, she writes, shows curly-coated retrievers, grows fragrant roses, drinks good of wine with friends, and spends time with her grandchildren. She lives on Washington's Puget Sound with her boyfriend Nick and their dog Ozzy.
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