Day 1 of Script Frenzy

So it’s mid-afternoon on day 1 of Script Frenzy and I’ve cleaned the kitchen, done three loads of laundry, walked the dog, cooked a big brunch, checked Facebook and Twitter and now I’m writing a blog post. Have I written a poem yet? Uh, no. But rest assured, before I go to bed, I will. Two of them. At least. But I guess I have some procrastinating to get out of my system first.



About Diann Writes

Diann L. Tongco enjoys sketching, crafts and photography as well as writing poetry and novels. To stay out of trouble, she writes, shows curly-coated retrievers, grows fragrant roses, drinks good of wine with friends, and spends time with her grandchildren. She lives on Washington's Puget Sound with her boyfriend Nick and their dog Ozzy.
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11 Responses to Day 1 of Script Frenzy

  1. Anna says:

    Kitchen, laundry, dog, brunch… Sounds like you had a busy day! How are the two poems coming along? 🙂

    • Diann Writes says:

      It’s going pretty well. I get off work later than I’m accustomed to with my new job so I’m writing on my lunch hour and in the mornings. And I jot notes all day long when an idea strikes me.

      Thanks for asking!

      • Anna says:

        And thank you for replying to my question! 🙂 Ah, so you carry a notebook around? I guess that is something I should start doing too.

      • Diann Writes says:

        Yes, Anna! I carry a small moleskine notebook in my purse and I keep another bigger notebook by the bed. No idea will escape me!

  2. Anna says:

    I should try that some time… I hope you don’t mind my questions! 😀 I was just wondering how you jot down ideas? I mean, is it outlined or do you write down random phrases or sentences that comes across your mind at any given time?

    • Diann Writes says:

      So, it’s usually phrases or sometimes a paragraph or a dream sequence. I’m not an outliner (I hated outlining in school and it stuck!) so I generally just put down notes, sentences or sometimes poems. I also jot down ideas for future book topics or poems.

      More questions? I’m happy to help if I can.

      • Anna says:

        Thank you! 🙂 I was thinking maybe it would be a great idea if you could spare some time to blog about your flow? I mean, like what you do with your idea notes, how does it help you in creating a new story, etc. Just a suggestion. 🙂

      • Diann Writes says:

        Brilliant. I love that suggestion. Now I have to pay attention to how the process actually works. LOL

  3. Anna says:

    Great! 😀 And I am looking forward to that post 🙂

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